Edge Swipe Support

Swiping from the edge of the screen to quickly change lists was an insanely useful option from the original app. I know it was just an optional feature which was disabled by default, but it was one of the best parts of the Clear UX imo:

  • Made navigating the app super fast and even more fluid.
  • Visualizing all lists is easier, since they are side by side almost like a kanban board.
  • Reachability is improved, since switching to one of your higher lists no longer requires tapping them at the top of your screen.

Hoping this feature will return in the new version at some point :slight_smile:


Well… let’s see what you think of the tap above homebar to go back interaction in the next TestFlight build. Reason is, if that ends up being solid enough to commit to, I could see us layering on swiping from that area up or down to switch lists perhaps, as a semi equivalent gesture.

Things I don’t love from the designer side about edge swipe:

  • Not symmetric with our vertical lists arrangement
  • I find edge swiping unpleasant, dragging finger from sharp corner of the screen (or rubbing over case’s edge)
  • There’s some possibility of conflicting with our huge focus on side swiping rows

But I get it, the end functionality is very convenient and useful. Just wondering on alternatives that could possibly fit Clear better, or feel better! (And we have a tendency to hold back in case inspiration strikes.)


I loved edge swipe. It was great to switch quickly between lists. Please bring it back :slight_smile: Thanks !

If you manage to have edge swipe and the item moving feature at the same time, the v2 would be better than v1.