Folders to organize groups of lists

Congrats on the update, it really revamped how I utilize the app capabilities. I don’t think I truly realized how much I rely on and love this app until the recent update.

Since I love this app, I love creating lists for anything, but sometimes just having the one main page with all my lists gets to be a lot to scroll through to find one I’m looking for.

One feature request I have that I think others would find useful a well is if we could have the ability to organize our lists into folders. The main page could be a combination of lists and also folders that can be created to contain groups of lists that all fall under a folder topic.

For example, a folder in the main page could be titled “Recipes” and in that folder could be grouped all the lists that have ingredients listed out for different recipes.

This could provide a way to organize the main lists page and de-clutter things to make the app more efficient to use for those of us who have lots of lists to keep track of, while still trying to keep to the minimalistic approach this app beautifully provides.

Again, enjoying the update! And thanks for listening to the Clear community in evolving this wonderful app!


This sounds like a request for nested listing?

I’m a never say never guy, but I would not hold your breath for this one.

A lot of Clear’s appeal is its commitment to some core productive constraints, and we want to preserve that spirit. The lack of nesting is intentional in that sense and has been for the past 12+ years, so it would be a pretty huge thing for us to reconsider.

In the new design we do include a couple possible helpful tools but they are probably tangential:

For some visual hierarchy within a list you can format items as a subhead ending with :

And in general I’m hoping people make good use of Archiving and keeping their ‘My Lists’ to the current relevant stuff.

Hope this doesn’t sink the whole experience for you! Happy to hear you’re enjoying the update overall.


I have not used archive as a long term storage solution yet, but will try it out. My only concern is possible data loss should I archive a list and then want to add to it and accidentally swipe the wrong way and maybe shaking to undue for whatever reason doesn’t work.

Here’s my question;

If I am backing up locally to: clearx://export-data and have data loss for whatever reason. How do I get my data back from the backup file? Is it as simple as clicking on the backup file?


I would love to see one more layer added to My Lists.

As of now we have a My Lists > Lists> Tasks.

One more could add one or two folders (similar to the archive) that could be found within my list.

Keeping the folders to just 2 and in the My list section would allow simplicity, storage, and still allow for nested lists.

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I did find the various new ways to format different items in a single list, which I love and have found super useful!

And I actually started archiving more lists since the update and reading how people use it here, but I think I found that because of the sheer volume of lists I have, now I have an overwhelming amount in both the archive and the main “My Lists” section.

Of course I still love the app either way, and want to respect the simplicity of the app design. I just know for me, having folders would be a huge game changer, so I wanted to put the idea out there.

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One other question: Are our earned rewards and purchased items also saved within the backup file?

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Not in the clearx://export-data backup, but they will be included in the future “daily backup” feature. :sunglasses: (I asked the same question recently)


I will also note that if you have full iCloud device backups on, Clear’s local data (lists and rewards etc.) is stored there for now. So it would carry over if you got a new phone say and set it up from a recent backup.

Back to nesting – I don’t mind the request being raised and will be thinking on it again with 2.x. But I don’t want hopes raised too much on this one or people waiting for it.

It would truly unlock like… an order of magnitude more complexity in the final form people’s lists could take. And yes, some power with that, but I am truly worried about the messes that would grow out there over time, because organized hierarchy becomes an ongoing more demanding info design project as you keep going with it.

I guess some of you might be thinking just enabling one level of nesting vs. infinite but… that’s also worrying to me in that enabling one level of nesting would surely induce an itch for many for just another level, etc. The more elegant and ‘Clear’ take is infinite nesting, but that also comes with its own kind of madness.

This is why nesting scares me! :grimacing:

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