Overdue Task Count Icon Badge Complication


In the v1, there was an Overdue Item Count for Badge option. Can you bring it back to v2 ?

It was like the current Task Count Icon Badge but only counting the overdue item.

Thank you,


PS: If you can bring back the Whale theme, I won’t mind.


I am thinking about this and agree it should be a thing again, it mostly bugs me that it feels very muddy and a bit confusing if you have both of these on. And I think we should add a more descriptive caption or something, very difficult to cleanly communicate these options with just a single line of text!

Maybe you should use three lines:
Task Count Icon Badge
Count All Tasks
Count Overdue Tasks Only
The second and third lines appear only when icon badge is on and you can select only one of them.


Also seriously considering if badging should be default behavior for reminders. I’m kind of imagining only if it’s for later in the day, and remaining badged until it fires? (With a complication to turn this off… perhaps.) But yeah something I need to sleep on / digest some more.