Opening list from widget

I usually use white/very bright themes for normal usage, but I have a particular list in a widget set to Terminal T800 theme to open the list in low light mode to use at night/in darkness.

This usually works great. However if I have had the app open on any other list or page other than the chosen list in the widget prior to opening the list through the widget, it briefly flashes my normal bright/white theme for a second before opening the Terminal T800 list. (It doesn’t happen if I have the Terminal T800 list already open in the app).

It’s a minor annoyance having a bright glare flash for a second when trying to use it in dark, and thought I’d ask if it’s possible to fix. Thanks!


Not sure if we can get around this but will note here, I’m curious as well if this is a seam that could be removed.

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I removed post because somebody reported it as off topic and I don’t want to be rude.
You were talking about T-800 so I upload photo of me with T-800 when I was at Robot exhibition in Technology museum (Stockholm 2019)

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Ah ok I was curious when I saw the report, I hid it because it just says deleted.