My experience with legacy Clear

I used Clear for years and loved it.
I created several categories and stored data in it and relied on it. I loved the way you can use Clear across several devices.

Then one day they failed to sync.

The common resolution was to delete the app and reinstall it. I didn’t want to do this as I would lose my data.

After looking around I found the developers were disappearing and I’m confused what happened and it might have been sold.

I bit the bullet and transferred my data to the Microsoft OneNote manually by typing it all out. This was a nuisance.

I thought this is what happens when you use an app for say, five years, the developers lose their way and financial decisions are made.

I’m glad you’ve returned and I am interested in the features, however I have not seen an export or inport option. Perhaps it’s there somewhere.

Many other utilities have a import/export option.

I hope you find this feedback useful.

Daryl Cheshire.

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Hey Daryl, it’s going to be another project to tackle sync for the new version, so might be some more time before it’s really ready for you again. But we will look into some data import ideas along the way. (For now the only way you can ‘import’ things is probably pasting in plain text lists one by one, but that’s very clunky.)