Motion and accessibility


I’ve been using the clear app for 10 years and have been very happy with it being very dependable.

Is there a way to turn off the excessive motion now in Clear 2? For someone like me with vertigo and nausea, this will make the app unusable if I can’t turn off the movement as I do with the rest of the OS.



Agree. The excessive animation and motion is horrendous.

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Was it possible to turn off animations with the old Clear? Long time user too (since 2013), and not really a fan of the new zooming animations. Haptics are great though.

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Don’t hold your breath. I’ve commented very constructively about exactly this a few times in the Beta development, - got mauled by other users for not embracing change, and no answer unfortunately from the devs…

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Our immediate priority (post bigger launch bugs fixed) is going to be seeing if we can improve it and make it feel snappier. A low motion mode, I mean it’s possible in the future. We don’t like adding many settings, but on the other hand it could fit into the much more personalizable direction of the new Clear.

I appreciate the reply @phillryu. I can see you have your work cut out for you in the short term. Any frustration/anger/unhappiness that folk have for Clear 2 is a sign of the love for Clear 1 - so best of luck! I had disabled auto app updates on my main phone, and I can keep an eye on New Clear 2’s upgrades from another phone until the stretchy-squashy-bouncy transitions disappear! :smile:


Thank you, and yeah, that has been keeping me grounded! I know everyone here shares some of this love for Clear, and we are going to keep doing our best to give it a good future.