Be clear / be clean

I love some features of the new Clear. For instance, the “tap above home bar” is awesome.
I would appreciate a possibility (setting) to have a VERY CLEAN, somewhat raw (not fancy) look and feel:

  • a font very easy to read
  • less space between the lists
  • very basic and fast transitions or even no transition at all
  • no haptic feedback

Clear has beautiful colors and is very fancy. But to me it is mainly a “hard to beat” tool for productivity / quick notes. A bunch of settings in this direction would be great: speed, focus on information, no fancy visuals that may distract.

Thanks a lot.


I feel that we are going to come through for you here. I just don’t want to promise all of it for initial release, but the personalization we are going to explore with the new Clear in general, a big part of that eventually will be the able to make it as minimal as you’d like too.

We are also planning a general ‘animation tightening’ pass that will probably improve the baseline.


the current version is really great. To me, I would use it as is. Therefore the following is only a wish: I still think that linked to the silent mode, the haptic feedback should be avoided.
Also you spoke about ‘animation tightening’: the possibility to choose a “quite no animation/raw” setting WOULD be great.


Lots of apps have settings to turn on and off haptics now.
Also “reduce motion”, which I think is a systemwide accessibility setting that apps have access to.

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