Monthly recurring task on incorrect day

Bug with monthly recurring task. Task is set for tomorrow instead of on the 1st.

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Hey Ronnie, disappointing answer here but honestly we have been talking here about pulling the reminder feature entirely from this release, largely because the natural language parsing is a can of worms (and having to layer on support for recurring, while perhaps supporting future localizations/languages, feels like Russian Dolls of cans of worms.) Really leaning towards that decision for launch so I would expect the feature removed over the next few weeks in betas, and not invest much into using it.

P.S. moving this thread to New Clear subforum I think others might have this question/report too.

Oh no, please don’t remove. I can’t live without the reminders.


We will try to bring them back in the roadmap… we have a feeling natural language parsing could get a lot better very soon (the one in iOS we were piggy backing on).

Kindly consider keeping this feature for launch. It’s a must have for me.


Why don’t consider a non natural language parsing interface for next version ?
Moving to a smarter ux interface later on.

Date Picker - Time Picker - Repeat Picker {never (default); each hour; daily; weekly; twice a month; monthly; each 3 months; each 6 months; yearly}
Personna : Hourly, Daily; Monthly; Yearly / Each 1 Hour {1;24}; 1 day {1;…7}; 1 week {1;2;3;4…52}; 1 month {1;2;…12}; Each 1 year {1;2;…99}

Yu can go deeper in personalization choosing day of the week; ie: last sunday of march; 4th monday at 10, each first week-end of january, april, july, october … but IMPOV first limited choices above will do the job easily.

I’m not opposed to a date picker, BUT what I really want to avoid is the “add a reminder” staring at you every time you create an item, because most items don’t require them. (And I think it cuts into the zen/focus of the app.) So it’s more about how you trigger or signal intent that you want a reminder while you’re creating a new item perhaps?

If you all have any clever ideas there, bring them on :slight_smile:


lets see : why not “long push on an item without moving open the picker” :hugs:


I like that. Long-press “lifts” the item and shortly after a reminder prompt pops up. I prefer an actual window versus using natural language. Because I don’t need to see the natural language on an item—it basically makes the entire thing look less “zen” when there is natural language in the item.

For what it’s worth, when I joined the app I was super frustrated as I couldn’t figure out how to get recurring tasks to work. I kept long pressing and nothing seemed to happen. I really think a long press and a date picker could be an easy low effort high value way to do this


But please, I beg, don’t get rid of this feature all together. It’s literally why I’m using this app

Let me throw another idea in the ring – how would you all feel about swiping an item right, past the checkmark to trigger scheduling a reminder for it? Like a calendar glyph icon past the check. I think there’s some natural pairing there – it’s kind of like a ‘I’ll be checking this off later’ action.


What about the old reminder pop up? It was much better and I miss it. Specially since I’m always setting reminders for meeting that at in 30 min after the reminder. But I have to write down the wrong time for the reminder then the right time so it won’t trigger the reminder. Like “meeting et twwwo at 1:30pm”

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+1 for the team to take time to do reminders right. Seems to me, if you can get this released without reminders, then there would be a bigger audience to query for questions about what would be the ideal way to add a reminder. I had a big recurring reminders list in old clear, and I’ll gladly move it back when new clear has reminders, but in the mean time having them in Apple Reminders or supporting an app like Due seems fine to me.


Appreciate that! And it’s true, we are quite anxious about rushing out anything that doesn’t feel awesome and uncompromised for Clear. It can be very difficult to take something away after introducing it, or replacing it. But of course you never know where inspiration may strike (perhaps from someone in this thread in the future) so curious how this’ll go.


That is honestly the best option here. Swipe to bring up reminder option

Having read a lot of posts on here Reminders are kinda the thing most people miss in 2.0 and without the option of them it’s new 2.0 potential is perhaps lower despite all the efforts for zen etc


Swiping to add a reminder would be perfect. Even if it brings up a popup compared to NLP I prefer the popup, it’s more straightforward. Brownie points if it can handle recurring too!

Good point about natural language capabilities of Apple’s OSes potentially expanding soon. I expect that Apple will be able to use some new developments in LLMs rather than the previous manual building of Siri Intelligence. Hoping that they announce some of that at WWDC.
That said, I don’t expect those improvements, should they be announced at all, to ship until this fall with the new iOS at the earliest.

Until then (and I’m assuming you’re hoping to launch before then), a deep swipe to add a reminder seems like a great way to maintain this functionality for longtime users.

Later, if/when NLP capabilities improve, you could have an option to use just the swipe, just NLP, or both. This also seems in line with your push for personalization in this new version, especially around gestures.

I would personally really like this, because there have been times in the past when I want to make a task with that includes the word “tomorrow” but without a reminder at any particular time tomorrow—my workaround was actually writing “t*morrow”, haha. (There were other examples of the NLP getting in my way, but I can’t quite remember.)

I’m happy for zen like people to have the app setup as standard with no reminders

For people who reminders are 100% needed then maybe have an advanced setting that can be found and the switch set to allow reminders within clear app

Then the allows reminders on a long swipe

I was also wondering if there was a straw poll of clear users what % want reminders and what % don’t

I’m pretty new here, just joined TestFlight about a week ago.

I wanted ask if the recurring feature has been taken out of the app. I’m not seeing it in my TestFlight builds.