List Subtitle / Larger Font within a list creation

Hello, I can’t remember how to make list section titles? Can you remind me what to type in front of a list subtitle in order to make the font larger within a list in order to create a “section” title within a list??? Also is there a “help” section I’m just not seeing that has all the features/gestures outlined? Please help… I’m a long time Clear user and am dying for Clear to land on the Apple Watch.

Also was wondering if there was a way to duplicate a list?

If you put a colon at the end of an item, that will make it a bold heading once you press next/leave text entry mode i.e.

Section 1:
Item 1
Item 2


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In addition, if you start a new subparagraph with a space, it will become smaller. I just wanted to supplement.


Is there a way to create a line beak in the list, so there’s a horizontal space between sections?

Also, still wondering if there’s a way to create a duplicate of an existing list?

Also, is there a way to move items from one list to another, or do I just have to re-create them?

There is! Tap and hold on the task you want to move between lists - it will ‘lift up’ off the list. While still holding on the task, tap the back button at the bottom of the screen with another finger to come out of the current list. Then drag the hovering task over your chosen destination list and drop it in by releasing the finger holding it. Alternatively you can hover the task over your chosen destination list for a short time and eventually you will enter that list and be able to choose where you place it among that list’s tasks.

You can create a line break by starting a new task with a just a space and nothing else. It will make the line height smaller because it’s triggering that “subtask/note” formatting, but you will be able to have a blank line.

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Is there a way to duplicate an existing list with all of it’s tasks?

Unfortunately, there is no such function yet, you can duplicate your list, but you will have to do it manually.

There was mention of the List Library eventually allowing us to create and add our own “templates” to be saved and copied over from there, seems like this would let you duplicate lists in full by adding them there and pulling additional copies out.

For now, there is no duplicate function for tasks or lists, but we are thinking about it in the roadmap.