Join the new Clear beta!

We know in certain circles the new Clear has gained something of a reputation for being vaporware. It’s true that we’ve taken a somewhat insane amount of time on this one, but we hope the passion we poured into it to try to do it justice shows.

The new Clear will be for iPhone only and we feel it’s about 95% there. We need your feedback and testing to make it to the finish!

UPDATE: Apologies but we are running really low on TestFlight slots. The remaining will be distributed to our weekly project update emails on though we do hope to unlock another 10,000 slots hopefully in a few weeks to distribute.


The quota for this invitation is full. When will the next test be started? Or can you private message me an invitation code? Thank you

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I too was wondering if there was going to be more spots available for the beta. I tried but it’s full :pensive:

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I’d like to be included in this beta as well. Been looking forward to this for a long time

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Ooh I need to edit this post… so the current situation is we are running pretty low, and distributing them out in batches via the weekly project update emails we just started. (You can sign up on if interested.) That link will unfortunately not have slots unless you happen to click right when we increased them for the mailing list.

I think we will be able to unlock another 10,000 slots when we start testing the beta as a direct update over the old Clear, but this will take some work.


I saw in another post after I had commented on this one. Signed up and am looking forward to trying it out when the time comes.

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I would love an invite to the beta if any are left? I am old customer and loved the original product.

Throwing my hat in the ring for a TestFlight slot if there’re any available. Long time legacy user here that’s excited for the clear revival and happy to help file fb :pray:t3: