Intelligent task count by font size

Accidentally deleted original post!

Long story short, I think it might just be nice if task counts in lists with heading and body items were somehow able to know to not count heading items as active tasks. I.e. below:

My task count here shows 7, when in reality it’s actually 2, with 5 heading items. Just a thought that would make weekly to-do lists feel less daunting to look at from the My List menu!


Ah interesting. My hesitation would be the simple formatting options are presented as something pretty open-ended, so I could see others using it to emphasize high priority items and such. Hmmmm!

True. Perhaps there could be a slider option within a list to “remove from task count” or something like that? However I could see that being unnecessary in most cases.

So instead, in the same way the font menu has “choose a list to personalize”, perhaps the complications menu can have sub options for how task counts are treated on a per-list basis if the user wants.