Important regarding fonts and text formatting

I care a great deal about design. Both in terms of usability AND in terms of aesthetics. That’s why I chose Clear above other apps in the first place, and that’s why I care about Clear so much to this day. I use Clear for many different things. For simple things such as to-do’s where text formatting isn’t much of an issue, but also for many other things where text formatting is very important (without going into long explanations of all the broad-ranging use cases, ASCII art may serve as one simple example). Clear as an app appeals very much to me as a lover of great design, and I really wish it stays that way. The New Clear in it’s current state doesn’t live up to the quality of the Legacy Clear, but I hope and believe the team behind Clear has the ability to raise the quality of the New Clear to the level we are used to before it replaces the Legacy Clear. We are all unique individuals with unique use cases. Some may only use Clear for simple things such as to-do lists. Others have realized it can be used in a lot of different ways thanks to its simplicity, design and ease of use, which makes it a pure joy to use for many different use cases (some of which require specific text formatting etc).

In any case, my primary concern is similar to what you express, “that Clear 2 doesn’t overwrite the legacy version”. Well, not until the New Clear is good enough to fully replace the Legacy Clear according to its current and long-term users. In case you haven’t already seen it, here is a thread where this exact suggestion is being discussed: