Using the beta for a few days:

If these need to be separated in single requests for ideas and bug reports please let me know.
I’m using iOS 17 Beta Developer 6 on iPhone 14 Pro max and clear 2 version 2.0.0


No visible line between heading and first reminder /note as it’s same colour.

Text on main setting are also too large and don’t change even when in preferences you choose small text.

Cloud sync not working between the standard public app (except every now and again when I open and asks if I’ll want to transfer to the beta version) not sure if it’s supposed to on beta Clear.

Can’t put in reminders except once when out of the blue it set a reminder and changed the text but I’m thinking this was because of transferring from the standard clear app to the beta version.


I would love a lockable divider I can move around to seperate my ideas and planning that are customised.

Location reminder would be great

Eg: remind me to take the bins out when I get home.

All in all not many bugs I can see atm.

Love any new themes but also especially sounds.

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Thanks for sharing. Noting a couple things:

Reminders is a bit of a mess right now, the next TestFlight (11) should simplify it.

I kind of wonder if that specific font is very chunky… we need to do some equalizations for the different fonts to scale more consistently.

When you’re organizing and separating ideas within a list, you might find the new subheaders formatting feature useful. Try ending an item with : to make it formatted larger.

Unfortunately have to confirm syncing will not be in the new Clear release at launch. Hope to build back up to that in its roadmap.

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Thanks for tgat
Looking forward to the upcoming TestFlight