How do I re-install old Clear on my iPHone

I’ve updated Clear on my iPhone to the current Beta test version. I believe the reminder feature which I use all the time is not included in this version.

How to I re-install the old Clear on my iPhone? I’ve looked in the App Store and the only option available is to open the current Beta version.

Where is the information on how to use the new features of the Beta version?

Thank you in advance,


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If you swipe an item on a list further to the left (past the green check) an option for setting a reminder will appear. Not sure if that is the feature you are referring to.

At least for me there is a “Gesture Guide” in the My Lists section.

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Yes, this was the reminder I was looking for!
Also thanks for where to find info for gestures!
Thank you very much Odin!!!

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