Hey everyone, is Clear in your dock?

Hey guys,

Just wondering how many of you have Clear in your dock? And whether Clear 2.0 has changed anything.

I’ve been using Clear since 2013. It has been on my home screen all the way, and in my dock during the early years. As support for the app slowly waned, I was worried the devs will abandon Clear so I moved some stuff to other apps (stuff I wanted to keep forever). Clear stayed on my home screen but fell off my dock.

Clear 2.0 is now back in my dock. Knowing that the devs are back, has given me the confidence to use it more. I don’t like everything about new Clear. If anything, there are some aspects I dislike; I miss legacy Clear very much. But on a balance, I’m super happy that the devs are pumping new life into my favourite app.

What about you guys? Is Clear in your dock? Or home screen?


It was during the beta, but I don’t have the icon I like anymore. I keep switching between camera and Clear for my action button shortcut, can’t decide which I like better


Has been in my dock since I first got it years and years ago

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Yes it is. As a matter of fact, it’s the only app in my dock.

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100%, will likely never leave it’s spot - all the way in the right-most dock spot :slight_smile:

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Aw I love this thread :smiling_face:

Finally starting to make real progress with the migration issues (have some reason to believe 2.0.1 will solve it for ~80% affected?) so hopefully in a few weeks it’s mostly back to smaller issues and fun discussions like this :slight_smile:


In my doc since 2012.

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Not in my dock, but Clear 1 wasn’t either. Which is a reflection on me, not the app, hah. Always on my home screen (not in a sub-folder) though.

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