To the Bottom/To the Top

It is probably documented somewhere but I didn’t know or had forgotten.

To the bottom - Touch and hold a list item, then drag to the left. The item changes color and when you release, it moves to the bottom of the list.

To the top - Touch and hold a list item, then flick it up. It moves to the top of the list.


Clear legacy or Clear 2 beta?

Clear 2 beta…:hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer:

Touch → hold → drag left → item does not change color → release and nothing happens for me.

Touch → hold → flick up or down does the trick though.

Got it! Just make sure you touch and hold from either the far right or far left.

Thanks for sharing, did not know about this one!

The “to the bottom” may actually be a bug. However the “tossing items to the top or bottom of a list” is an undocumented feature we were experimenting with.

Current plan was actually to disable it, only because it needs a good round of polish to make it feel properly good. (It’s very hacked together as is, so the animations and physics of it don’t feel good.) But I think the idea is great, and it actually was suggested by a customer! Got an email where he asked I call his phone for support, and man I do not like picking up the phone, but after helping him out he had this idea he pitched. And it’s an awesome one. Hope to polish and ship it properly in the 2.x roadmap.


The ability to flick items to the top or bottom is a brilliant feature. Please don’t disable it! In the old Clear iPad version the two finger tap was the only way to send items to the top. I used to have to get out my iPad just to use that feature. The flick is better—easier, more intuitive, and more satisfying.

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Wow! Just tried this and it’s great! Really satisfying. Also really useful on big lists. I think the more intuitive gestures new Clear has like this, the better. Evolution, not revolution…

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