Empty space below last list item after clear to refresh

First, it’s so nice to have a refresh of the app! Been using Clear since 2012 and it has never failed me.

I discovered a small UI bug while playing around today.
After clearing items, I have an empty space appearing below the last list item as if there was a todo with no text, or the last todo had a line break. However this empty space is not interactive and one cannot swipe to complete or delete.

Here’s a quick screen recording. The first swipe up didn’t work as you can see the “clear items” text disappearing. Maybe that’s an issue on its own?

(The link is an iCloud photo sharing link expiring on May 25, 2023 as I couldn’t upload a video on here)

That’s bizarre, just watched the video. Are you able to reliably reproduce it at all? I don’t think I had encountered it myself but I’m sure I have my habits/grooves I’m kind of stuck in.

Indeed I am.

Here are the steps you’re seeing on the video, described to the best of my abilities:

  1. Create a list with first item “Title number 1:”
  2. Add at least two items
  3. Complete one item
  4. Pull up to clear but do not release
    5*. Interrupt “pull up to clear” with another finger vertical scroll
  5. See the “ghost” item appearing the last non-completed item

*Note that on the video, I didn’t have to interrupt the “pull up to clear” for the issue to appear, but it seems unreliable to reproduce that way. End result is identical.

Hmmm I believe I am doing the steps here but when I try to interrupt with other finger scroll (while holding ‘pull to clear’ in place) it seems to just cancel the clearing. I’m thinking maybe as we add more testers soon others might run into it too and help reproduce, let’s see how that goes. We will definitely be budgeting some time before shipping for final bug squishing and such.

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