Could Haptic Touch be an (optional) replacement for the scrapped 3D Touch feature?

Howdy, all - just wanted to say that beta 3D Touch back button mentioned in the last update sounded like an absolutely killer feature. Bouncing between lists without having to reach for the top of the screen would definitely make me want to spend more time in the Clear app!

Would it be possible to offer something similar with Haptic Touch instead? I was an avid 3D Touch user but I honestly didn’t even notice when it was discontinued, because Apple shifted the functionality to Haptic Touch long-presses instead. Since long-pressing isn’t used anywhere else in the iOS UX, all of the ways I used 3D Touch (using a keyboard cursor, opening app context menus, expanding links and photos) performed exactly the same way, and I didn’t even realize that the trigger had shifted from “hard press” to “long press”.

I’m sure some people would still want the legacy controls, but adding an optional setting for long-pressing to go back within the app would make my day. Thanks for all your work creating such a unique and fun product, I’m really looking forward to the new launch!


Hey, so ‘Haptic Touch’ is a fancy name but as you noted it’s really just a long press. And we unfortunately do rely on that right now for ‘picking up items’ to shuffle them. It’s true we could consider layering on back further on top of that, but that gets messy and very delayed and unsatisfying feeling I feel!

We’ll always keep thinking here though after having lived with 3D Touch and having that taken away.