Clear is preventing me from switching to Android

It’s weird. I got an e-ink Android phone and I really like it. I would be ready to switch over completely except Clear keeps bringing me back to my iPhone. There’s nothing like it - it’s wormed its way in to my brain. Who would have thought that of everything the iPhone has to offer it’s a To Do list app that I can’t give up.


I will take that compliment :slight_smile: I do like the idea of Clear someday being available on Android as well, but the cards are definitely stacked more against us as a tiny team so it’s more of a distant daydream for now. Don’t have to account for random e-ink iPhones and such in this ecosystem haha.

This tempted me the other day though, I will be watching some review videos when it ships:

Definitely a compliment and that Daylight tablet caught my eye too

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