Beta expired along with my lists

Long time user of clear and got on the new beta. I had been using the beta and have numerous lists there. Now I click on the beta and it’s saying it has expired. Is there a way I can retrieve my lists from the beta?

DMing you a new link.

same situation here ? can you Help?

Can you check TestFlight app and see if there’s a build to update to there? If not, let me know the last available build # and I will sanity check on our side.

Happened to me as well - today. What to do?

The beta expired today, I think you should be good if you grab the latest from from the App Store!

Just make sure once you installed it and verify your lists are there. Maybe set a different theme/icon so you don’t mistake between the two copies of the app… Then carefully delete the beta version, not the App Store version, and should be all set moving forward.

Hi @phillryu for a long time I was a beta 2.0 user and now that it’s gone I’ve ported over my lists to the normal app. I’m very sad though because the theme I had before in the beta is not showing up as available? I think what I had was called Neon theme maybe? Looked like this, photo attached. Can we get that theme in the normal app please???:pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:

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But my lists are gone! I had lists in beta and now, once live Version installed back, I see some ancient lists from veeeeery long time ago (from live) and not the ones I used in beta😕. Probably had beta under different account? Do not remember… How could i get back my latest lists? I’ve using you for ages. Some time ago had to get rid of beta (!) and installed back live. Probably those 2 did not work anymore together or there was again this conflict situation (“beta expired”). I was 100% sure, I was using LIVE till today, not beta, since I deleted all clear apps last message time (mid of last year?) and installed app from app store. Why then it still says it is beta and expired? Sorry, i’m not that home with IT to understand, what I did wrong. But I’m a big fan of you🤩. It is the most used app in my device! Can I somehow have my lists which were in “beta” back? Thank You!

When you open the live version, can you find your beta lists by navigating to home level of Clear (tap back button near bottom/center of screen) and then into the Archive?


From what I understand, you have been using the pre 2.0 release beta until it expired today. (And you had opened and used this beta copy regularly recently and it had your latest lists.) Is that copy still installed on your phone, but just fails to let you in saying it is expired?

Also… just sanity checking (I think there was a case where we just merged lists) it’s not like if you scroll down all the way in My Lists the beta lists are at the end right after the ancient ones?

Similar issue just happened to me today. I cant open beta anymore. When i open the app store version all of my lists are there but none of my unlocked themes or purchases are populated for me to choose from.

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I’ve been a Beta user and I can’t access it now.
Please can you resolve ASAP please?

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You should be able to grab the latest from the App Store! It will install separately and should import your beta lists.

@Benslepp I apologize about this, I considered rewards/shop testing (since shop is free) part of beta process and it did cause a bit of a furor at launch not carrying them over.

I recently compiled some of the free unlock URLs we still have active here to get you going: Supermarket bonanza glitch - #11 by phillryu

There are also some freebies being given out in the shop this weekend, and early adopter urls are active still, might have to copy these into Safari: Redeem gifts in new Clear App - #3 by phillryu Hope that helps make up for this.

Not carrying rewards over never did make any sense… the e.g. ten hours in Clear to unlock the cloud app icon were still ten hours spent; they had nothing to do with the shop. Anything genuinely collected was in actively using the app, so it really was dismissive of the users to lump those in with the free shop purchases. I don’t know, that decision will always leave a bad taste in my mouth, because there was simply no good reason for it.

Yeah I understand, it wasn’t the original plan here either.

At the time of launch we felt very late and it was a pretty intense final weeks of triaging. E.g. resubmitting two days before launch adding in the onboarding cards that we suddenly felt were crucially missing etc. Carrying over rewards was not a huge project, but it was a project competing then. (We did some balance tuning tweaks last minute too and didn’t have time to test how those would carry over.)

In hindsight we really should’ve just delayed the launch further, perhaps one more month would’ve been very healthy for its release. But it was murkier and really hard to gauge all of this at the time, and frankly got overwhelming towards the end and stressful feeling like we had already missed promised deadlines many times.

Hoping to avoid this in future Clear development by among other things, not building a giant, once in a decade totally rewritten and redesigned update! But yeah tdlr here is that we were frankly kind of overwhelmed and this led to some poor decisions in hindsight and some blindspots.

Yap. This is how I used probably. I have other app still here, but upon clicking it gives error that has been expired and do not let me in. Rechecked new app: i’m 1000% confident my lists from Clear I used till recently, are not there. Webt through ALL folders incl archive. They are gone😢

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Ok keep both apps installed… please email me maybe copy/paste your previous post. We have uploaded a TestFlight to a test group specifically for you and one other person to try to circumvent expiration…

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