Buying themes $$$

I just tried to grab the free Blueberry font, but ended up getting charged money and deliver me fruit facts lol. I didn’t double check when I quickly double tapped the side button because I swiped on a free font. Can you check?

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We fucked up this morning! Really sorry about that, more info here: Supermarket bonanza glitch - #9 by phillryu and hoping Apple’s refund process can handle this OK.

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Saw this discussion in the email update…my two cents to cut down on the price, I would like the option of bundles that save by buying in bulk, instead of $18 for the 6 Apple Socks icons it could be like $7 for all 6. :man_shrugging: Or something that bundles a coordinated icon, theme, sound, and quote pack…$5.99 vs $11.96. Again, just a thought.


The socks and shuffle icons definitely scream for a set. (Though of course, nice that you can pick your favorite color.)

I think this is more of a logistical possibility now that we are experimenting with more stable/static ‘essentials’ type collections in the shop, alongside the ever shifting daily lineups. Could imagine some kind of a welcome bundle offer or something too. And I could see us experimenting with bundle deals on holidays as well. Will continue thinking on it here!

My suggestion would be , when you have events like the one this weekend, drop the price a couple of cents to incentive more than one purchase and also given the customer what he wants for a small period of time … is a win-win situation.


If we experiment with price drops, agree we should try it with an event or holiday, that is a great context for it.

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I will probably post a separate thread later post event but since this thread is a pseudo board room discussion about Clear’s business model, here’s a couple encouraging signs lately:

The first day of the event was a big success, almost matching the peak sales day of launch. (Day 2)

Day 2 of the event is also doing great! (With 7 hours to go, though of course sales slow as the day goes, I expect it to end closer than I expected to yesterday.) This is without the boost the first day’s project mailing and in-app popup also provided, so it’s a really encouraging sign that customers on event day 1 were satisfied/had fun and came back to purchase some more day 2.

Zooming out again to a weekly view de-noising the daily ups and downs, you can see this week with the event finishing tomorrow, will close out higher than our launch week. Coming back from a low in February (when we were running low on fresh collectibles and the shop was also less rounded out) to this point with a bunch of weeks of growth has been really promising to see.

Crucially yesterday brought in 60 first time customers (whether perhaps @BasicAppleGuy fans checking out Clear for the first time, or some ‘fencesitters’ finally opening their wallets), so it feels like we are doing a much better job there (with things like the best sellers sections) and that will help sustain some growth as we convince more of our base + people totally new to Clear to join in the fun!

(New customers per day, past week)

Anyways, it’s not like totally clear sailing from here on out or something (true test of sustainability requires more time), but very gratifying to see what appears to be an early positive feedback loop and some real continuing ground under our feet. Basically early confirmation that if we continue to delight you all and also succeed in bringing in a new generation, Clear has a very bright and sustaining future ahead of it. Very exciting!!

Many of you here in the forums are depicted in these graphs. You have really shown up to support Clear and our indie team.

Honestly it is kind of a miracle to find a foothold in the modern App Store these days. But it feels like it is happening :raised_hands:

I keep thinking of it in the stage of a sprout right now, but if looks very healthy. Fragile still before it grows up more, but I feel like we all are fiercely protecting this sprout together. I really feel that when I go to sleep and wake up and see some of you have helped each other here, others have suggested interesting new ideas for Clear, and others have shown support in the shop etc.

Anyways it is all just a little hard to believe after many years of daydreaming and tinkering on the project with just as many years in between where we had our doubts about a future for Clear. I am so grateful to you all for helping make this reality so far.


This is really heartening to see that all of the efforts put in to date on the relaunch are actually paying off. Thanks for sharing the data - I was quite curious as to how our favourite app was doing and the results look promising! It seems obvious that you can’t take your feet off the gas just yet - a steady flow of new content/ideas will be needed for the foreseeable, to keep existing users buying IAP and to bring in new users. That looks like a significant challenge, but one I’m sure the community will want to keep helping with. That’s what has struck me the most - there is a real sense that people on this forum are invested in this app and its future, and it’s been great to see v2.0 bring likeminded folk together. Exciting times ahead!

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It’s going to be a challenge trying to continue topping ourselves with exciting new collectibles etc. but I have to admit this kind of curation is one of my passions and working with someone like David… so it’s like bring it on. Excited to experiment some more with tiled background graphic themes this week too. (So ones like field notes can have their backgrounds scroll with the content.)

Will also be important to continue on other prongs too:
• Improving shop experience for first time visits / converting to a customer
• Convincing more of the ~40% or so remaining who refuse to visit the shop even once lol, but in a delightful way somehow (popup for freebie in shop with this weekend event was an early stab)
• Experimenting more with outreach to people brand new to Clear
• Upping the value of collectibles with new uses for them, like widgets and list personalization have for themes, or daily quote push feature for quote packs and such
• Keeping experience delightful for the collectors, ideas like enabling archiving of collectibles and ‘loadouts’ to easily swap between
• General improvements to Clear’s utility and more reasons to regularly list with it, which is obviously a whole separate list but I think also improves the shopping experience/value
• Very important we continue to improve on our onboarding and first day experience etc.
• Smash glass in case of emergency: animated themes :shushing_face:

I wasn’t joking about the ‘board of directors’. If we have one it’s you all, and it’s really interesting to see how many of you are being thoughtful about it from the perspective of both customer/fan and also this side of steering it into a sustaining healthy place as an indie business too. (And trying to thread this needle where we can accomplish that without diluting Clear’s spirit.)

That’s basically my own perspective but there’s only so much I can see myself, and you all are on the same page but catching many blindspots or stumbling into the right kind of inspired ideas I would’ve missed!

But yeah, it just really feels like we can make this happen in a pretty delightful way. The business model growing some roots is a big deal, because it is so unique in this space, it means we have placed ourselves out of the rat race of competing with other subscription todo apps etc and I feel this will mean we won’t feel unhealthy pressure to steal from a delightful customer/user experience for more profits. Not exactly a ‘blue ocean’ but let’s call it a really cozy blue pond :slight_smile:

I am totally the kind of person who is always expecting the floor to drop out under my feet any moment though so will definitely have to see how this continues and hopefully the recently weekly growth isn’t a fluke!

(Kind of feel like these posts are turning into a rough draft for a ‘quarterly report’ project email update I was starting to plan for early next month, I guess consider it a preview for that, but yeah definitely been reflecting here as it feels like we are steadily building our way up out of the February danger pit of demise.)


Just a shower thought but “All carrot, no stick” could be fun for selling people on our shop and business model. I think that’s what refusing to play the game and making up our own rules instead unlocks for Clear. :carrot:

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can you make a 70s inspired clear gradient solid themes with the lines? like browns, golds, oranges, yellows, greens, earthtones.


Any palettes here stand out to you as a reference? Color Palettes 70s




Thanks for sharing, didn’t grow up myself in that era so we’ll have to do some research/feeling this out. The vibe I’m getting is leaning on brown and more burnt colors. Let me see if it inspires David here.


i know theyre unique colors, but theyre interesting to me and feel like a different option than what’s been available. i keep checking the store every morning but its felt a little repetitive and the store selections feel like its based more on selling points (like a reference or collection or intellectual property) rather than looking pretty once u actually use it. but im biased to the simple gradients with fun color combos like sunrise and fanatic.

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I was buying them but the cost is racking up and so I’ve stopped. If things were priced differently, I would use the store again.

A lot of the themes seem repetitive in color though.

I love Clear, downloaded it ages ago and am glad to see it return.