Build 237 Testing, Feedback, Bug Reports

As we beta test the new Clear ahead of release we will post a thread for feedback and bug reports etc. for each new build sent out on TestFlight.

This thread is for build 237, currently up for testers and including a few minor bug fixes:

  • Fixes iCloud backup error with the long scary error message on first launch
  • Fixes issue with recurring iOS clipboard notifications
  • Fixed crash when attempting to pinch near the top of the list

Let us know what you think of the overall experience so far too! And stay tuned, subsequent TestFlight builds will be ramping up with final new features, ideas and content as we make our final push here!

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A minor bug I noticed: when changing themes, I get the pop-up message that the app icon changed, but it seems like it doesn’t quite “stick” right away. This may be an iOS bug—the few apps I’ve used that allow the icon to be changed also felt buggy. But it seemed like it changed, then went back to the original, then as I tried other themes it would briefly change to a previously active theme before eventually settling into the correct appearance. (I’m sorry for the lack of specific details, I was more focused on the app itself and not paying close attention to the behavior of the icon at the time.)

Oh strange! Yeah as soon as that popup on icon change appears, it’s iOS handling it and we don’t have control over it. (Current behavior is to set the icon when you exit theme list, so it doesn’t pop up over and over as you preview other themes.) So I wonder if it’s a new iOS bug or something… will look out for it here.

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Liking the new functionality in the beta, especially ability to move items across lists & recurring todos although the dates don’t always work. Could there be the option to use the date picker as per the old Clear?
Can we have a black background like the old app and a Heat Map theme? Or an option to have a black background on any theme?
Having the black background makes each row stand out.
Perhaps also the option to change fonts? Really liked the old Clear font



Yeah moving items across lists is kind of a game changer! Took so long to get it in but I think we have a really nice take on it.

So the reminders functionality… we’re honestly considering cutting the entire feature initially from release. In short it’s a pretty big can of worms to finish up, we were hoping Apple’s natural language parsing could handle it but it turns out we would have to patch in support for all kinds of things like recurring dates and such. Still evaluating but got a lot of other stuff we need to get done for release.

There’s going to be some big jumps forward in typography customization coming soon, probably in a few weeks. We’re testing that right now, separating font and font size settings, and making those apply cleanly through the entire design.

I am hoping we can have some final ‘easter eggs and delight’ time in our development budget to get a legacy theme or a small set in, for our legacy customers. Will see what we can do there.


One of the reasons I like Clear so much over the last ten+ years is how simple and minimalistic it is. Features like alarms or reminders, to me, don’t seem necessary. Clear doesn’t need to do everything because it’s the best at one thing


We happen to be in a flurry of adding some final new features and such into new Clear but yeah, I would say they keep the core experience minimal. (Most of them are going deeper into personalization.)

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