Bug: Inserting New Item brings up Share Menu

Just installed TestFlight #7 Hot Fix

Now everytime I use two fingers to insert a new item in an existing list (ie insert between two existing items) it brings up the “share menu”. Looking closely at what is being actually shared it is the “Share List as Text”

Note that my personalisation setting for two finger tap is to “Share List as Text”
Note also that I am not two finger tapping but rather gently separating the two list items as I have always done.

Hi Rocket

I found the same thing but when I set Two Finger Hold to None it restored the old behaviour :slightly_smiling_face:

Obviously this is just a workaround but gets around the bug for now

Good pickup Al! I turned off the Two Finger Hold as you suggested and this did resolve the issue😊

Obviously a programming fix required.

You’re welcome, and a good catch by you in the first place!

I’m just amazed that the guys took the trouble to issue this hot fix while they are on their holidays - full Kudos to Phill and the team for helping out all the people with older devices :+1:t2:

Obviously this hot fix update needs a bit of refining, but plenty of time for that when they are putting together the next full update.


Hey yep I noticed this regression too, fixed the other issue but this made pinch conflict with two finger gesture shortcut. Will fix soon! (And for now you can workaround by disabling the two finger tap gesture.)

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