Apple CarPlay Request for Future Beta Release

Just as an idea for a future beta release.

I suspect that many users would have a specific list which details phone calls to be made. Here in Australia, where you are fined for even touching your cell phone while driving, I am always trying to remember who I need call.

Being in the car for long periods of time I find that this is a great time to catch up on those calls.

As a suggestion, it would be extremely beneficial if I could select one list from Clear (ie my Calls list) that could display in Apple CarPlay. It would need no user interface on screen, however would be extremely safe way to remind me who I needed to call.


That’s certainly not something I had ever thought of! (Not a car owner currently.)

From a quick glance at Apple’s developer page it feels like they have a very specific set of categories of apps they support. I wonder if the platform really allows for your described case. Would be curious if you or anyone else is aware of anything similar.

If it’s possible? I’d be interested in taking a look but would have to be after initial release, we really want to nail it on iPhone to start.