Am I using an old BETA model?

I joined over the weekend from the link that was emailed and installed the BETA. But I can’t seem to change fonts, font size, colors, etc. Others on here seem to be talking about that. Am I only an old version or missing something here?


If you go into Test Flight you can check your version number, the latest one should say Version 2.0.0 (8000), at least that’s the one I’m using which certainly does allow changing fonts and themes :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s the version I’m on but can’t find how to access the setting anywhere. Any idea?

On your opening screen you should have 5 lists - Lists, Archive, List Catalog , Personalize and Getting Started. Do you have these? If so, go into the Personalize list and this should show you Themes (where you can can colour settings), Typography (where you can change fonts and font sizes) and Settings where you can select Silent Mode.

Ah, got it now, thanks.

This would be much better to be accessible as it is on the current version - easy to find but neatly tucked away out of sight.

And it’s now changed the icon on my phone screen to white for “minimalist”, but when I change it back to “dawn” the icon remains white. This might be a bug.

There does appear to be some bug with the Dawn app icon! I had someone else reporting this to me the other day with a recording of it. (It isn’t happening for me, so there’s some specific trigger, but yeah we will need to track down/fix.)

Same here.
I went back and forth on all 3 themes, the popup for changing only appears on the hillside and minimalist theme.The icon and colors are changing.
Go back to Dawn is changing colors to orange,but only in the theme screen!
The icon and the rest of the app collor stay in the previous collor.

There’s also a yellow dot in front of the word clear in the icon.
Or is this indicating it’s a test flight version?

There’s a longstanding iOS bug where any custom icon changed aren’t displayed until a phone restart. That has been there for a couple years.
However, if you’re able to successfully switch between other themes, it’s not the iOS bug.

I think the Dawn app icon bug is related to the bug where Dawn appears twice in the themes list. When I switch to one of them, the icon doesn’t change, but when I switch to the other, the icon does change. Furthermore, switching between either of the Dawns to the other without an intermediate theme doesn’t work either way.
This is reproducible for me, so if you need a screen recording or more details, I can help with that.

I encountered this issue with the Dawn theme not being consistent throughout the app, too. A gif of my experience is below:

Dawn Theme

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This is actually intended. It’s our version of kind of honoring the original Clear having the blue lists level. (If you mean Dawn’s other levels are blue vs. red/yellow heat mapped.)

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I’m not sure I immediately noticed so I’d say your attempts to recreate the experience worked perfectly. :slight_smile:

Delayed thank you, Phill Yes, that’s what I meant.

I’m excited to hear about the Legacy theme support in the new Clear! :clap:

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