3D Force Touch Menu Coming Back?

When you press and hold on CLEAR homescreen icon we aren’t getting a Menu with any options. Would be create to setup a menu there for quick navigation. Ex:
Create Note (which will create in first Note in your list)
Choose list to Personalize (theme)
“ “ (sound)

I know there is a limit.
Not sure what we can max out on.


This could be good to add back and polish off though I do kind of wonder how many people use these app icon shortcuts regularly… maybe people can chime in there. Do you use this feature in other apps too?

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You loose the menu option when creating shortcut icons which I can see allot of people doing with apps but with CLEAR and all the ICON choices I can see people using on homescreen with the added option of the menu. My 2 cents


It’s true when you found a new favorite icon it makes you want to do more with it in Clear.

Any thoughts on why my icon won’t update though?
I change within application, shows changed and still nothing on Home Screen.
Rebooted device and still no go. Tried multiple icon choices

I updated to latest version, it updated icon to my new change but issue is still present with icon changing when I select a new one.

It shows within app that it changes.

If I search in App Library it still has old icon.

If I search from homescreen, it finds app with correct icon.

See if a restart corrects the icon issue, there’s an iOS bug with them currently


Phone reboot fixed issue. Happy to hear IOS issue and not Clear :bangbang:


Yeah this does come up a little too routinely… we probably should consider implementing the tapbots style popup if you keep tapping the same icon. (That suggests the reboot workaround and notes the iOS bug.)

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