Why am I losing latest item added to a list after quitting app or restarting iPhone?

A few months ago I stopped using new Clear as I would lose the latest single item - a word or a line added to existing line item - whenever I quit the app completely (or restarted iPhone as experiment).

Same loss when I added a new line item in a given listing. This went on for weeks before I finally gave up.

Don’t know your terminology for referring to the several levels of listing, sorry. Glad to clarify if I knew what terms are used for the different levels when I quit the app.

Yesterday I tried again a couple of times to see how it would go - and I didn’t lose the freshly added word(s). Tried three times, no loss every time. Very happy to think I could use the app again, until today when same loss behavior resumed. I lose every last item added.

Wish you the best in redeveloping Clear, so disappointed I can’t use it again after being devoted to it for many years.

Should have mentioned using 2.2.2

It sounds like you’re typing some text in and then swiping up to close the app? If the keyboard is still showing when you close the app, then the item hasn’t been saved. You have to close the keyboard (press return/next or just tap away from it). Then the item will be saved, does that work?

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I imagine this is what happens:


Try doing either of these so that entries are saved:



Basically, you need to hit “Next” after every item. You can also tap anywhere outside what you just added as shown—notice the keyboard disappears—before quitting the app.

Let me know how it goes!

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This is an interesting theory, let us know @Claire if you’re force quitting the app whenever you exit it. If that’s the case I do wonder if there is some way we can save even more robustly for this situation…

This. I’m used to typing things and editing the app, I wish it would just save on app exit as opposed to when the keyboard is minimised.

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I will note this here and try to investigate this month to see if we can handle this case better. (Can confirm force quitting the app with keyboard up will not save the change.)

Generally I do recommend not habitually force quitting apps every time, on the whole it will probably cause more battery drain and such and mostly a bunch of unnecessary swipes in your life adding up. But yeah the reality is there will always be a group that continues to do this so I’m hopeful we can handle this better on our end.

I don’t force quit more write something down then swipe up to exit the app.

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Ah ok let me try some tests here with that then. (Just switching out of the app with keyboard up.)

So what I’m seeing is while the app is live in multitasking the keyboard should remain up. But that probably also means it’s not saving, in the cases where for instance you open up a couple big games, and they flush out Clear in the memory.

We were talking about this some in our morning call, will be looking into hopeful fix this week or next after wrapping up the iCloud daily backup/restore feature.

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