My list disappears since the update

I have been making efforts to do things that I think will ensure my list is saved but no luck. I added to a saved line today and here I am at the grocery store and it is gone. The two previously existing items on that line are there but the things I added this morning are gone. I used to depend on this app but now it is just frustrating.


Hey Bacchae, this has been happening since the 2.0? I will bring this to the team and see on initial theories. Anyone else who has been experiencing this please chime in this thread as well so we can keep track.

If you check device storage in Settings app, are you good on remaining space? I know we don’t handle that gracefully right now so that was one thought.

Also if you shake your phone (to trigger undo) does it bring any of these items back? I want to rule out an accidental deletion or if that’s the culprit, isolate it to that.

If answer is no to both of these, try this support URL and let me know if you are able to send us a log to look at for possible clues.