Lock a list to prevent clearing items accidently

Throwing out a request to ‘lock’ a list. The idea would be by locking a list the user will not be able to remove any of the items entered in a list. The user would be able to add and “complete” or strikeout items that would go to the bottom like normal but everything on the list can’t be removed until it’s unlocked.

I see this being useful in lists where items need to be completed repeatedly. One example is a grocery list. I need a green pepper from the store today, add it to my grocery list, get it, cross it off my list, readd it next time I need a green pepper. It would be great if it went back to where it was on the list before being completed (under veggies).

Just a thought.


This is how I mostly use Clear! I have packing lists, and various other lists that I check off but never clear the items. While I use the Publix app for my groceries I see the usefulness of your idea. With that in mind I’d like to piggyback on your request:

It would be nice if there was a way to “un check-off” all items in a list at once. So like in my packing list, I check everything off as it gets packed. However next time I go to use that list I need to un-check everything individually before I can start over. I use this kind of list for things like Christmas decorations and Halloween decorations too

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Locking a list or locking a task in a list is a great idea.
Also if possible it would be good to lock a list with a password so no one can access but you.