Share your Tier Lists!

I’ve been having fun arranging the tier lists in the new list library and sharing them with some friends. Definitely gets some heated discussions going :joy:, anyone else?

Using the Rainfall in Tokyo theme btw, loving it.

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I had the designer of Gowalla tweeting and calling me a monster for placing Wall-e or Up in B tier I think in the pre-filled one during beta haha.

Just always felt they are kind of deeply compromised taking them well out of the perfect Pixar movies tier, in that they have jaw dropping opening halves, and then disappointing second half to amuse the kids. But if we were to only tier the first half of these movies they would be at the top, and I do still admire the conviction it took to make those more mature openings and push things forward.

Incredibly hard to sort out like a top 3 with them! I feel like your A tier is too full, time to split out a smaller subset into an S tier :wink: And it’s interesting to see what people personally weigh more in their lists.

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