Random Sounds I. Open App

Hello - I’ve got the app open in my phone looking at a list. It keeps making a sound about every 10 seconds or so. Should it be doing that ?! I’ve got the iMarimbas sound pack active.

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Same here. I keep thinking I’m missing some sort of notification but there’s just the sound

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Is it a specific sound from the sound pack you recognize as being tied to an action in the app? Or some other sound? I haven’t experienced this but it definitely sounds buggy.

Does it go away if you force quit / relaunch the app? (And if not, if you reboot your device?) And then I would wonder if it sporadically comes back, or what might be triggering it!

I experience this as well! To make it stop, I quit the app after I visit the shop. I’ll hear the $ sound throughout the app otherwise. It’s a little problematic because I check it out randomly out of habit. :sweat_smile:

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It doesn’t seem to be pack specific. Same sound comes from multiple choice of packs. I’ll do a bit of testing to see if I can narrow down and a capture of the ‘sound’ :grin:

Intermittently, upon opening the app, I get a weird sound that sounds almost like the shop sound being reeeaaaalllly stretched out and glitchy. I’ve been wondering if I was imagining things!

Happens to me too!

I wonder if this is an overlapping bug or a separate one… haven’t encountered this either myself but I hope people aren’t thinking it’s on purpose!

Is it something that happens once in a while or every time you enter the shop for you?

@felp when you say open the app, is it a ‘cold launch’ or are you quick switching back to it and it was already running? This is interesting, I THINK there is something we do when you switch back to the app with the audio pipes to kind of refresh it, which seemed to address an old issue where the sounds would eventually start like interrupting music and such. So maybe this is failing/bugging up sometimes.

This is a puzzle to solve/debug so any clues from others experiencing it are helpful!

Yeah, it always happens, so I think visiting the shop itself is the trigger. :no_mouth:

For me it’s before or after visiting the shop. I’m using the “Island Sunset” sounds. To me it sounds like a digital version of an old adding machine, it’s a cha-ching kind of sound. It’s random. I’ve just had Clear open to one of my lists while doing some work on my iPad.

Is this a bug or a feature?? LOL. I am using the Clear AI sound pack and kind of love the random sound. I’ll be doing serious work, hear it, and it cheers me up and makes me laugh. :joy: But isn’t distracting enough to break my concentration – all good, thanks.

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@phillryu - I’ve got an audio capture of the sound for you to listen to. What’s the best way of getting it to you as I don’t think it will let me upload an mp3 here.

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Ah, I made an account to report this bug—that the shop sounds are randomly going off during use of the app. It’s definitely the old-timey cash register sound from the shop, sounding at peculiar moments when using the app. Unsure if it’s truly random, or just some unknown condition triggering.

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You can email it to me at phill@impending.com

Let me see if we can figure this out on the shop noises, hopefully it’s something obvious enough with that context.

We think we tracked this one down and fixed it, fix should ship in the next update.