Personal Top Games lists/recommendations

Diablo IV’s imminent release had me nostalgic about all the games that I had the best memories playing and had the largest influences on me growing up (this will 100% age me):

Honorable mentions: Shadow of the Colossus and Pokemon Red & Emerald

Anyone else use Clear for any fun games-related lists, like Top-10 all timers, or a cool recommendations list :grinning: - mine is all over the place so anything games-related is good fun!

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I have my huge never ending gaming backlog in Clear!

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I’ve been starting to track some of that stuff in Notion, but that looks like a great idea!

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Do you have a say, top 3 you’re most anticipating getting to? :grin:

These are some of my favorites ever, featuring SNES theme (will need to rename that lol):


With the excitement building for Starfield due September, here is my list of best space themed games.

Anyone excited for Starfield?

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Awesome list, exploration/existence in space is such a unique vibe. Have really only spent enough time in Destiny and Dead Space myself, will definitely be using your list to explore more :smiley:

I remember enjoying time in sandbox game called Space Engineers a while back, looks like a sequel came out since - wonder if it’s any good.

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I feel I’m too old for this conversation.