Option to turn off back button

Hi there! Love the app and have been following since the early days. I’d like to humbly request that the back button / half circle at the bottom of the screen be optional; it could be on by default but also something that can be toggled off in customizations. It’s a minor thing but it distracts from the aesthetic of the app.




Is it visible for you when not used? This state is an onboarding one if so, it will disappear (unless tapped) after you use it 15 times I think! (Can rapidly tap it to complete.)

If you’re still primarily using pull down or pinch to go back I definitely recommend at least giving back button a shot. Very efficient when you get going. (Your thumb already knows to reach there to exit apps.)

Hey thanks for the quick reply! That did it, I just used it several times and it went away. Awesome!

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Seconding a complication to turn it off. I’ve been using new Clear since early in the beta and have never enjoyed the back button; it’s an extra step and hassle I don’t prefer over a simple pinch gesture shared across the Apple ecosystem.

But the back button DOES regularly get in the way when I try to interact with the bottom of the screen. Like the number of times I’ve been trying to scroll or type near the bottom and the darn back button thwarted me instead… a complication to turn it off would be the best solution. That way, people who enjoy it can continue to do so, but it’s not forced on you if you never use it and it actively detracts from your experience with Clear.

I mean if someone doesn’t or isn’t going to use the back button, no amount of insisting you find it convenient is going to change that, but it does very tangibly get in the way when attempting to use the bottom part of the screen. A complication for toggling it on/off would be the best of both worlds, for whatever a user prefers.


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