Option for task completed tone to not reset after app leave

(Not sure if this is a bug or not, so I put both feature request and bug).

Hi there,

Currently, if you are in the app and check of multiple things on by one, a sound effect will be played, and as you check things off the tone will increase. This is what makes checking off things in Clear so satisfying (at least for me), and what got me to use the app daily.

Unfortunately however, I’ve found out that if you say, complete a task, leave the app and do whatever is next on your to-do list, and come back and open the app, the tone will not go up. This happens when you leave the app for any duration.

Personally, I usually like to complete a task, do whatever is next, then come back and check it off rather than do everything on my list and then check if all off in one go.

It would be nice to have this fixed so that it remembers the last tone it played. You could also make it a setting in the app if some people prefer to start from the same base tone, they can still do so. Clear resetting the tone after each app leave really reduces the satisfaction of getting this off the list for me.

Really looking forward to this as a feature in the settings/seeing this fixed if it is a bug.



This makes sense. I like it.

I’ll think on this one. I do think there is something to be said about this being tied to checking things off fairly quickly in succession, but I hear where you’re coming from. As it is, it is by design and not a bug.