New iPads are out! - icloud backup?

Hi, Just seeking a little help, how-to, in light of new iPads coming out. :smiley:. I understand icloud is not currently syncing b/t an ipad and iphone on same account. However, with icloud backup in place, do you expect all of clear, including my data, to come down onto a new ipad just fine? Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks in advance!

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Do you currently use Clear on an iPad? If you do their device transfer process on setting up iPad Pro it would carry over Clear’s local data along with everything else.

But if not, we are actually working on that simpler backup/restore system right now, and expect to ship it next week!


Yes, I use Clear currently on 2022 iPad pro, at some point will go to M4 iPad pro here. So sounds like I’m in good shape then, clear-wise :grinning: thanks for the quick response, appreciate it!

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What? – NEXT WEEK?? That’s awesome, too – thanks!

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