New Clear beta feedback from a long time classic Clear user

Hi @Dragon, sorry I don’t mean to be a killjoy :slight_smile: . I just really appreciated the clean, snappy interface on Legacy Clear, and that’s all I need in a todo list. I guess there are others who would appreciate the fun aspects, but I don’t need that personally in a todo app. We definitely need 2 different apps :smiley:

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@allisonjp No hard feelings! Sorry if my reply was harsh, didn’t mean to be interpreted in that way. Yeah, if Clear is going back in that direction of being plain simple like Legacy version, then that might not be an app for me. :slight_smile: But whatever, I probably will use it if the fun is stripped off (even though I would not want that to happen).

Sorry to ask again but would it be possible to add/keep this gesture?

I have to be honest I’m surprised pull to quick add is such a specific beloved thing for some of you. Always felt it was compromised in the first place! (How it doesn’t mirror in a simple way for adding below too.)

Let me see if there’s a little time next week to look at layering on support for this on top of the current tap above/below. It’s one of those things where if it happens to slot in easily we might just sneak it in, but will have to see with impending initial release.

And if any new users start complaining about feeling stuck in the keyboard that’s on you all.

What specific animations do you see as most problematic? List opening/closing?

We had tried simply speeding it up a few weeks ago (maybe by 50%?) internally but it felt jarringly abrupt. Could take another look at it but there’s something subtler we might need to do to make it significantly snappier but also still feel right.

To add the new items on top has the advantage that you see them immediately when opening a list and you do not need to scroll down. The pull gesture feels easier than the tap above because you you can pull from “anywhere” almost without to look at it. It is quicker than to tap exactly on top, with a “long” way for your finger.
Again, THANK YOU! :heart:

To me: list opening. I see 2 steps: 1) the name of the list becomes bigger, 2) the list appears and expands. I wonder whether the step 1 could be avoid or shorten.
Then, on the second step, the list “bumps”: it expands a bit too much and then retracts. Maybe we could avoid the retract step?
Thank you for your effort!

Yes, it is first and foremost navigating up/down a level for me. As I mentioned earlier, it takes twice as long for UI to stop moving after going up/down a level in New Clear compared to the old one, it just feels sooo slooooow.

We had tried simply speeding it up a few weeks ago (maybe by 50%?) internally but it felt jarringly abrupt.

I know it’s not apples to apples, but I’ve recorded myself navigating between levels and then played at 2× speed and it doesn’t feel abrupt or jarring to me. Instead it feels snappy, responsive.

To be fair though, I think all iOS system animations take longer than they should and have been since iPhone X and “physics-driven” animations introduction.

I have to be honest I’m surprised pull to quick add is such a specific beloved thing for some of you.

My hunch this is where the core disconnect is. If I’m not mistaken, you mentioned elsewhere that Clear is about simplicity.

I disagree.

I remember simplicity was not the selling point that got many people excited for original Clear 10+ years ago. It was gesture, or rather, swipe based UI that got people like me instantly hooked. There was nothing like it. A tool that after the initial learning curve was delightfully fluid and effortless to use with just imprecise input (swipes). Well, apart from text input and a couple other interactions obviously.

Pull to add and edge swipe to switch lists gestures are also a part of this. That’s why we keep asking to have them back. It’s all about being built around gestures. There are tons of apps built around taps already.

Always felt it was compromised in the first place! (How it doesn’t mirror in a simple way for adding below too.)

This, I agree somewhat, but old Clear moves new items to the top of the viewport so I don’t think there was a need to mirror the gesture. And in the old Clear I always thought a swipe up gesture would work nicely for cancelling the pull down one.

I don’t think it’s a core disconnect like you are saying. The gesture shortcuts are of course a key part of the app, but they also serve to unlock a simple and fun listing experience, so I just see them as a part of that. If I had to boil it down, I would describe Clear as that, simple + fun listing. Delightfully simple listing. Whatever you want to call it.

Edge swiping… I just feel like we could come up with a better solution for quick switching if we set aside some R&D time for it. Never loved how it muddies side swiping in the app, doesn’t match the vertical organization of lists, and the feel of the sharp phone edge when stroking it.

BTW this is a bit of a tangent but are you aware of this new gesture/feature? And what do you think of it?


Yes I’ve tried it for a while. Not sure when I will use it but I find it very good. Perhaps when I want to split a list… I do not think I will do Canban with Clear but who knows :wink:

Yeah it is most helpful for kanban. (Btw I had meant that question for for @balsalmo but that’s good to know.)

The thing I will note is today we have been looking at pull to quick add, and where we landed is…

• Tapping above keyboard now simply dismisses it
• (Simplified away quick add tapping above/below current item behavior)
• Swiping down dismisses keyboard as well
• After you begin typing an item the keyboard ‘Done’ button changes to ‘Next’ and you simply tap that to keep listing

For the pull down to quick add people, in meaningful ways this should match functionality and improve on things. E.g. while typing hitting next on the keyboard is simply faster and easier and more in the flow of what you were just doing (pecking at the keyboard) than swiping down.

For people who enjoyed tap to quick add, you can no longer ‘reverse’ quick add an item above vs. below. I would do that sometimes, but I’m hoping after a few days I don’t miss it too much here. We would want some more time to revisit how that best fits in this new model if that’s what we’re shipping.

The primary goals were: make it feel fluent/quick when you want to list a bunch of things, but also don’t make you feel trapped in the keyboard.

I’m curious what you all think of it in the next TestFlight perhaps later this week! It may upset muscle memory for a bit. But I think it feels promisingly simple.

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I like it very much! Indeed very simple with the next button and very simple to stop the insert mode.
Could you please make the insert of the new item on top and not at the bottom? (or at least give an option to do so).
Thank you!