Kary Pro Colors Theme for Clear

My name is Pouya Kary and I absolutely love this new Clear. For a long time (I guess around 6 years or so), I’ve been working on a theme for Visual Studio Code, called “Pro Colors

I always wanted to do a list app with these colors. Clear is awesome, and so I wanted to have the theme in it. I would love to contribute the themes to Clear as one theme that reacts to Dark and Light appearance automatically and uses the Futura typeface with the colors in these pictures. Hoping a lot that you like this

I hope that you like this theme and implement it. My only request is that the theme be named “Kary Pro Colors” and be included in the app (since it would be hard to wait for it in the shop)

Hey welcome Pouya, that’s a very fun idea. I do have a feeling a set of themes based on some popular text editor themes would be good.

I have to note that our current themes don’t support multiple stops on the gradient like that, or different colors per list! It might be something we could look into supporting in some way? But the format is pretty grounded in the gradienting/heatmap (or just going flat single color bg) atm. Not sure if you think your themes could work without that.

We have a lot on our plate but hoping we can spend a bit of time before release on adding a functionality or two to our themes. (First priority would probably be black completed area for ‘legacy themes’.) I will post again here if there is any news later on that front.

P.S. Futura will probably be in the app though as a font option, so there is at least that :slight_smile:

I didn’t understand the different colors per list. It was to be the same on all the lists. Also it’s not a gradient it’s only a list of 5 colors that repeat. If you have an index for each row it can be simply retrieved.

And if you ever wanted to consider making this theme (in this version or any) let me know so that I can give you the designs and colors. Thanks a lot for showing interest!

I thought a little bit more and updated the designs a little bit more

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Thanks Pouya! They’re lovely. I think we are hoping to spend some time on adding some features to our themes (like maybe the repeating list colors, or the black bottom completed area for legacy themes) in June or so, planning a more polish sprint then. Let me plan on updating you then if we’re able to support this.

That would be awesome! Looking forward to it!

P.S. I sent you my contact in a private message

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+1・Dracula Pro based theme would he highly appreciated!

Eager to see a WordPerfect theme :wink:

I’d love a Catppuccin Theme with the MonoLisa font