Is it possible to uncheck an entire list?

Is there a way that I can mark done items as undone in a list? I have a list for morning routine and check things as I go but I have to uncheck everything one by one so that I can have a list ready for the next day?


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You can’t uncheck everything all at once, but you can (un)check multiple items at the same time using multiple fingers (up to three, I think). :smile:

Recurring reminders would fix this eventually!
At this moment you have to undo manually.

We’ll be thinking on this one. I could see us in a future update turning the ‘swipe past checking off to set a reminder’ action to more a general ‘special behavior options’ that includes an option to make habit items that regenerate after being cleared away along with scheduling and such, something like that.

(Though I was a little shocked how few of you regularly clear away your completed items! I would really like to improve on that side.)

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I read your post and got curious about the number since I have checked up to four at a time before. Then I just had to see how many could be done.

I was able to check off 7 at once using both hands but only managed to do it twice. More than 3 at a time is difficult but I’d say 4 can be done reliably. Any more than that and the human anatomy just isn’t designed for it since it requires hitting them all at the same time and human fingers are different lengths. Makes me wonder if there is a limit at all hmmm!

Well there’s my highly scientific experiment anyway (not peer reviewed):rofl:


This could be a fun future secret reward or something. Maybe we’ll call it 12 Fingered Pianist. But not something we’d want to incentivize people banging away at in its current shape!!


I would love to be able to uncheck/check all items in a list more easily.

Common use cases include:

  • a packing list, when I’m re-packing at the end of a trip
  • pulling a basic grocery list back from the Archive to use again

Just as an idea, I think swiping left/right with multiple fingers could be used for this. Or if that’s too easy to do accidentally, maybe just 3 or even 4 fingers?
Like, it’s cool that you currently can technically cross off multiple specific items all at once with multi-touch, but I wonder how often people actually use that feature.


Great idea! As I know I’ve mentioned before. Clear is the type of app that accomplishes productivity while giving you choices AND is fun to use. It can feel like a game, a treasure hunt, and a serious task app all at once. That’s not easy to do!

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I see your point. A check all/uncheck all would be handy for the type of lists you mentioned.

I use Clear for grocery lists as well and while I tend to check off items individually while shopping it would be handy to be able to “uncheck all” once finished since it’s more or less a recurring list.

I’d hate to see Clear implement an icon or button added for this specific use so I think it would HAVE to be gesture based as you mentioned.

I would like to see the multi swipe gesture stay though for checking off multiple specific list items. Maybe a new gesture to check all/uncheck all. There are many ways this could be done gesture wise.

Examples here but you get the idea:

Rather than only having archive/delete by swiping left on a list add a right swipe to check/uncheck an entire list. I know in the betas we were testing personalized lists that used similar gestures and I’d hate for that possibility to go away for future updates so perhaps only allow the check/uncheck swipe to happen on the list page instead of while in the actual list, or vice versa.

Maybe a multi touch pull up/down to check/uncheck all within a list. Similar to backing out of a list or clearing checked items but with multiple fingers.

As far as checking off multiple specific items rather than touching those items at the same time which could be finger gymnastics depending on where items are in a list you could use the gesture to pick up multiple items with the hold and tap items method but instead of moving those items you throw them to the right to check or to the left for uncheck.

Just ideas that popped in my head and this post got way longer than intended lol!


This is a new angle I hadn’t considered. Like 3 fingers or more triggers a ‘swipe everything’ in the list. Very intriguing! I will be sleeping on that one.


It seems that there are lots of “purist” clear users that would probably be bothered with things like this. How about some shortcuts compatibility that gives us options to create a workflow away from the app and that way it won’t bother anyone one who might see it as a running the app. :joy: I see lots of people on here worried about adding features.

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I do generally see it as our job to expand what you can do within Clear’s sandbox without cluttering it or ruining its simple feel. So there are still ways to do this within the app’s UI and silhouette and gestures. But obviously can get quite tough and puzzle-like with limits.

And then shortcuts are another approach that could fit Clear and offer more breathing room there. Definitely on our list as well.

And then… there’s personalizable gesture shortcuts, which were an experiment during beta testing… that we will likely return to but further in the future.

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The nice thing about added features is if you don’t like them you don’t have to use them. I think changing the way you interact with features can cause issues for people stuck in the past.

I’d consider myself one of those purists. Maybe more of a moderate, lol and I do think feature creep can be an issue. Clear needs to stay simple, fun, and a pleasure to interact with.

That said any new features should always be defined by what Clear represents and all features should be gesture based like the overall UI of the app.

A check all/uncheck all gesture could fit right in. I could do without it as I hadn’t really thought about it till the post above but I see it’s usefulness for those long lists that get used over and over again.

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I remember the personalizable gestures, I think. It was in one of the betas for a bit. Very neat idea but I didn’t play with it long enough to recall details.

Being able to personalize individual lists was cool too.

So far through all the betas every feature I tested was a good idea. I’m sure the hard part is picking what fits and works without taking away from Clear’s reason to be.

Yeah they are areas we want to solve, I just didn’t want to rush them out and spread ourselves too thin. Felt like bigger scope things with more implications to properly digest and sleep over and feel out with internal prototypes etc, and we had narrowing resources/time etc. towards the end unless we were going to delay release even further.


Oh no doubt. I can completely see why you all held off on some of the things we tested and it would’ve been a hell of a task to throw everything into the release that we got to try out. All cool ideas though and I really liked trying them out to see a glimpse at what’s possible even if they never make it into the app.

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I’d love to see this feature too. Especially when it comes to lists like Packing List. Having to uncheck everything one by one is annoying.


Re how few remove checked items: I definitely think a habit to encourage is that people do that more. The cleanliness of a short, focused list with blank serenity below it feels nice. But for some cases it isn’t practical.

One example I use: I have a “packing list” for going away on trips, where I’ve gradually added more and more stuff I might need for a trip (everything from basics to more rarely used stuff, like skis and swimming trunks).

When preparing for a trip, I’ll start with having everything checked (from my last trip), and just go through and uncheck whatever I’ll need for that specific trip. That way I’ve covered all my bases, and haven’t forgotten anything.

This does leave the bottom quite cluttered, though, and sharing the list tacks on all the checked stuff as well. I also sometimes have to squint a bit to see what the checked item says. So I don’t love it.

My idea is: maybe you could have a separate archive, just for checked stuff within a list? For instance if you do a long swipe from the bottom (past the point that removes all checked items), you get that lists archive. I’m envisioning it as a pop-up from the bottom type thing, like you opened a drawer from the bottom of your screen. Then from there you can either multi- or single-select items to move back into the list, both bringing them back in and un-checking them.

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Yeah in those cases where you actually do want to leave checked items that you plan on unchecking/re-using later… that’s where I wonder if we should be considering some feature to make certain items ‘ritual/habit/sticky’ and when you pull to clear they regenerate.

A separate archive per list could make some sense but I guess it would involve some kind of a new design pattern/concept. But yeah a lot to chew over!

For my case, a pull to regenerate all would be counterproductive: I want to select which items to regenerate, since every trip demands a varying set of stuff, but I leave items checked from earlier so I can scan through and add what I’ll need for that trip.

But I see how this works for the “uncheck a whole list”-crowd.