A quick way to un-cross-off everything in a list?

I tried it again and it worked perfectly this time :slightly_smiling_face:

I guess this is a feature request: A quick way to Un-cross-off everything in a list (does this already exist?)

I just went food shopping and I tend to use the same list repeatedly (we always buy the same things, for the most part), which means at the end of the shopping trip, I want to refresh the list for next time.

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You can actually! But uh… probably don’t, because we were just about to remove the feature :sweat_smile: Needs some more work so we were thinking of getting back to it later on. If you’re curious you can pull to check off the list in the ‘lists’ level and it’ll toggle everything in it. But it doesn’t keep preserve the order of items and such which is annoying.

What will probably stay and ship is the multitouch support, you can now swipe multiple items at once, so hopefully that is an improvement at least over the old version.

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Oh great! I just tried it and it worked well enough for me, for now. Not a major thing if it doesn’t ship with this feature, it only occurred to me because it was relevant in the moment, it’s not a common situation, and I can always Take a few seconds to manually toggle each item. Thanks!

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