In App Purchasing without the App Store installed

Hello there, is there a possibility of allowing In-App Purchasing while the App Store is disabled in screen time restrictions? I turn “installing apps” off so I don’t download reddit and instagram when I’m bored and doom scroll for hours but even though in-app purchasing is enabled your app requires “installing apps” to be on.

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Huh, I wasn’t aware of this. I will look into it but it’s strange it’s flagging that…! Kind of seems like iOS should know better? (Is there any free IAP you could try grabbing in another app to verify it’s specific to Clear?)

Huh, I could have sworn it’s let me do that in multiple apps but now I’m getting the same error in multiple others. I guess it’s a me or Apple problem :joy:.

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Yeah that is an interestingly specific case, I would guess it’s a bug/oversight on Apple’s side.