How to unlock loot in the new Clear (FAQ)

Since this isn’t onboarded properly yet in the betas and we’ve recently been adding a lot of loot, I thought this thread might be helpful.

Currently you can have a chance for random loot by checking off tasks then clearing them away. (Pull up from bottom of your list.)

You must clear them for a chance right now.

(For those curious your chance caps out at 20 checked off items cleared in a single go, so that will give you the single biggest chance for loot in a single action, but clearing away 20 items individually would more or less add up to a similar chance in the end.)

I’ve been educated by you all since we released loot drops, on how many of you rarely or never clear your completed items for various reasons. We plan to add a chance when you check off items as well, this will likely come in a future beta with some other loot changes on our list.

I would say right now, loot feels reasonably frequent but ONLY if you are a frequent daily todo lister and regularly clearing all your complete items. In other words it’s not in a reasonably balanced place for any other type of user. We’ll be looking into fixing this as well.


I would love to also be able to purchase themes, fonts, app icons for like .99 cents or so too.


Can we select a priority order on what loot drops from our clearing?
Themes, fonts or app icons

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What’s your order of preference? I don’t think we would add a toggle or something really, but so far just based on how many there are, themes should be most common, then icons, then fonts being least common, and I would expect that for shipping version.

For example. Currently I am happy with my theme but not with Font but am stuck on being able to try and get new loot for font.

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I’m much more excited when a theme or icon drops over when I get a font, but that’s just me!

Ah ok, well it does make me think about like “Font Fridays” where you have a higher chance then to drop one, etc. Probably playing too much Diablo right now but maybe there could eventually be something like that that’s a little more invisible behind the scenes?

Ya if u could give the user more control on what loot category they are working towards, that would be appreciated.

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Would you consider releasing all the app icons created by users to the beta testers ?

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I rarely cleared items before I started testing the new clear. But I do clear them now. I just don’t know why I didn’t before.

Some things I liked to keep. So I can’t keep some and clear others at the same time, so then it was down to checking off some and then deleting (x) others instead of using the clear gesture.

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Yes, there are some lists that I will use again and again so I would not want to clear and recreate them. In fact, an “unclear all” action would be super. I will say that the Archive is a great way to preserve the lists I continually recycle and don’t need to see all the time, but if there was a way to add my own lists to the List Catalog that would be even better.

has this changed? I’ve been clearing lots of stuff and haven’t unlocked something new in days. I’m no where near earning all of the possible things either

just me?

I haven’t unlocked anything for quite a while either.

We just finally hooked up loot drops to checking off items internally here. (Feels good!) It will be in the next TestFlight.