How can I synchronise iPhone and iPad lists?

I have tried to synchronise both iPhone and iPad but it doesn´t work.
Have you had the same problem? Any solutions?

To my knowledge you cannot sync at present. This is a project that is complicated as I understand it. So will have to wait on the development of that ability on iCloud. I loved that feature about the original version. Hope that they will be able to implement it fairly soon. I depend on that with two devices.

You can’t. This was communicated incredibly poorly - which the devs have acknowledged (quote: “we fucked up”). Basically iCloud sync was teetering on the brink of breaking, and was unfixable with the legacy code. They intend to reintroduce this, but there is no roadmap. Devs are very apologetic, refunding and generally trying to fix their fuckup.

If an iPhone (or iPad) only, non-syncable app works for you right now, proceed - otherwise look elsewhere I think.


This is true, sorry to confirm the bad news here. We have been a little overwhelmed here in large part dealing with some big blindspots in hindsight and the communication for this update and migration handled poorly.

Btw @sjm88 thank you, that is kind of more succinct than I’ve been able to articulate myself so far. Hoping I can clear my head a bit in the next week after the dust starts settling, and maybe start looking into some better communications/SOS resources within the app itself etc.

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My primary day job is, approximately, ‘translating’ complex technical contexts and requirements into clear messaging and strategy etc - glad some of those skills seem to be working :smiley:

I’ve get to meet anyone who has oversight and responsibility for the deep technical end of software who can be great at that, and keep fully abreast of all the ‘user-facing’ experience, comms, perception stuff at the same time. This is true even in big companies with lots of role separation… for smaller operations, it’s really just luck to have the right intersection of skills in one person.

Pretty much every single report, strategy, op model, or general plan I’ve ever delivered has ‘technical/non-technical liaison’ as a core recommended function/role for this reason. I jump up and down at CEO/CIOs all the time on this, because the temptation is just to invest in technical skillsets (because they so clearly aren’t present in the broader company). Tricky problem though if your total number of roles is like three people. Having a forum where people can vent - and also just see everything you’re dealing with - is pretty much the best path, imo. It’s what the internet was build on :wink:

Plus, I think a lot of your users are probably ADHD/Autistic/Neurodivergent of various flavours (because Clear is great for a certain subset of us folks), and we, uh, hug too hard when things are good, and yell too loud when things are bad.

You’ll get through this.


I’m always regularly reminded and surprised by some of the super intense lives many of you lead, and handling or taming much of it with the help of our app. Very humbling, and glad to have some of your help in the forums here through this period.

And yeah… I gotta say starting to hear more and more from ADHD users over the year, I started wondering if I might be a little too and just designed something I could tolerate, like pen and paper lists, but unlike the other todo apps. I didn’t realize it had the ‘hyper focused’ side of it, and things like tax forms or college applications were almost mildly traumatic for me. (Still quite firm about no nesting in Clear!) On my bucket list to further investigate.

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I was diagnosed ADHD a couple years ago (in my 30s) - and the more I learn about it, the more I see it.

If you’re after a good (very detailed, but very engaging) social history of neurodivergence, I highly recommend ‘NeuroTribes’ by Steve Silbermann. He’s a long-time tech journalist, wrote for 20 years for Wired, and it really builds up a picture from first principles, going right back in time, of what has now come to be called ‘neurodivergence’ really means. Get it on Audiobook, it’s very long :smiley:

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