Dragging a font into the font size section crashes the app

In the font selection screen, i realized that it’s possible to drag a font not just up and down in the list of fonts, but also into the area for font sizes. However this crashes the app instantly.

It feels like a an unnecessary thing to do, so should probably just not be an option to drag them up that far?

For clarity: moving fonts around in the green area works perfectly. But if I move a font from the green area to the blue area, the app crashes.

In case it matters: device is an iPhone 13 Pro, running iOS 17.2.1, with Clear version 2.0.2 (i.e. everything is upgraded as of right now).


Thanks for reporting, this is on our bug list but I’ll attach your screen for reference, it’s helpful. And yeah I think the expected behavior would be the font just snaps back to the fonts section.

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