Carriage Return

Love your work Phill and well done to you and the team!

One feature that may be of interest to your users is the ability to enter a Carriage Return in the individual task. It is a keyboard feature in WhatsApp (and this Forum) but not in Clear

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Thank you!

Hmm we felt like we had to make it the Done button the way you tap below or above an item you typed in to quickly add another now. (Didn’t want people to feel trapped inside.) I do in general want to expand on the expressiveness of what you can put into your lists while keeping things invisible (like the semi headers / captions that we’ll extrapolate on with other ideas I think), so will be sleeping on this!

P.S. Appreciate you all scheming on our behalf like this :pray: Clear and the new redesign is a real puzzle on the UI design or product design level and kind of deceptive in its simple appearance. Like there aren’t a ton of parts, but every one interlocks with gestures and ripple effects adding or removing or changing especially core pieces. And these kinds of puzzles can often really benefit from extra eyes/perspectives on it!!