Bug: Starting a list name with an emoji followed by a space can cause data loss

I was making lots of changes to my lists yesterday. I created a new list and lost all of my work when I was editing the new list name. It took a while to reproduce what triggered this behaviour but I think this should do it.

  1. Create a new list with the name consisting of an emoji followed by a space.
  2. Touch to edit the list name so that the cursor should appear after the space (this can be tricky). The cursor appears immediately after the emoji (the space isn’t there).
  3. Enter a new list name - this replaces the emoji with what is entered.
  4. I then receive the error “Clear failed to pull up your lists! Something went wrong but we should be able to restore from a recent local backup to get you back up and running. [Restore]”.

This is obscure but had rather nasty consequences for me.

Hi Chris,

So sorry about this.

Did you end up losing data for all the lists or just for the one(s) you created?

No problem - I’m over it now! :grin:

The backup was restored fine to a state exactly how it was over an hour earlier. So, I lost a few lists and many items. At the time the error happened, I was finishing up by adding emojis liberally to the list names and items, just for fun.