Automatically Cycle Through App Icons?

I’m not sure if this is even possible in iOS, but I’d love to be able to select multiple favorite icons and have the app automatically cycle through them over time (a new one every few days, perhaps).

I already own my very favorite icon, so outside of wanting to support the developer, it feels a little silly buying a new icon, only to have it sit unused.

Obviously I could just change icons over time myself, but I truly think this feature would encourage me to buy new icons more often, so I could add them to the rotation. I wonder if others feel the same.


I would love this, but it does require the iOS popup confirmation. (We can’t circumvent that.) So I feel like it popping that up daily while you use Clear would feel disruptive… Apple seems very paranoid about apps starting to change the icon to display status etc. which circumventing the popup would allow more.