Annual Dates and Outstanding Items

I like the new Clear, big fan but I miss, miss, miss being able to (i) set annual reminders (e.g., reminder to renew my professional license, right now if I set for March 1, shows crossed out/past due, I used to be able to set for the next year after completed, i.e., March 1, 2025) and (ii) see a count for past due items, instead of showing total items with a reminder, it only showed items that were now past set date, I could glance down and see what I had to catch up on. Is there any hope of either of these features coming back?

I will say, you should be able to set reminders for future years, but because it’s using that scroll ticker thing, you will have to scroll through the dates (just keep scrollin) until you get to the date you want for next year. So if I set a reminder for May 5 2025, I wouldn’t pick the date that shows two days ago, I would scroll scroll scroll until May 5 appeared again. Once you’ve set the reminder, you can tap on it to double check it’s set to the correct year.

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Thanks. Was unaware of the double tap step and was unaware that I had to scroll forward (ie you can’t scroll back to set Jan 1, you have to scroll forward).

Now, do you know how I can set the Icon count to show only past due tasks (v entire list count)? :slightly_smiling_face: