>400 MB for what used to be a minimalist app‽

FWIW, you can get 200GB iCloud storage for the cost of less than 2 Clear icons per month.

If you have an older phone with low physical storage, you can offload photos/videos/media etc onto iCloud and keep physical storage for your most used apps instead.

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2 thoughts… are you adding every size for every icon? Probably not necessary aside from the main one, some of the larger icon sizes are for tv/vision apps. And are you running each image through lossless compression?

I upgraded my phone this past December so it’s not an issue for me anymore but it definitely would’ve been in the past and I understand the complaints.

I take tons of videos and on my 128 GB phone was constantly running out of space and juggling offloading apps. And I pay for the 200 GB iCloud as a backup but no way am I paying $10 a month for 2 TB, that’s highway robbery.


Yeah we had switched over to the single icon image file vs. many at different sizes etc. I know David has been doing some compression pass as a part of his process but there’s some likelihood we can squeeze more there and we’ll be checking into that.

So, almost 5 months since replacing an old-good Clear… and still sise is way to much.
So here are VERY important questions:

  1. when you will make less than 100 mb size? (for those who do not want extras)
  2. when old Clear will be made available as separate legacy app?

I’m not understanding the 100MB focus. Why is this an issue for you?

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I have a 64gb and apps size is sensitive. 100mb looks araound “ok” for what Clear looks like now, but 500 mb like it has all the purchasable things inside right from the box. Definitely not a good idea. I am a programmer myself and I know that app size is important. If user is not planning on getting anything from the store within, than he should NOT download all it that will be dead laying on his disk.
Once a week I have to clear cache of some apps and delete photos, but with old version of Clear I did it once a month.

I’m going to guess the answer to both of those questions is never.

Please respond about the main question LOTS of users ask: when you will make OLD clear available for separate download?

There aren’t “lots” of users asking for the old version back. And it’s been mentioned that the old version was becoming too difficult to maintain support, which is one reason there’s a new version. I obviously can’t speak for the devs, but I’m confident a rerelease of the old version isn’t gonna happen.


Well, I have seen lots of one-star rating reviews in appstore of two different countries and they are asking for the old Clear.
As for maintaining — well, windows xp is not maintained by microsoft but it still exists for those who want. Same thing here - devs may release a disclaimer like “here’s a classic version of clear, use it if you want but no support provided” and everyone will be happy.

Windows XP is not an iOS app so that comparison doesn’t quite hold.

You can also consider offloading whatever is hogging your phone space with Apple iCloud which gives you 50 GB additional storage for the cost of less than half of buying a new Clear icon per month, to prioritise your more important apps like Clear. Alternatively just use iOS notes/reminders instead.

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First, why the hell all of you answering the question I (and topic starter) asked developer of Clear???

Second, as a programmer, both me and dev should keep up with unspoken rules where a new generation of app MUST NOT overwrite a previous stable one if it is popular and/or paid for!!!

Third, you don’t tell me what to do with my phone. I have a fewer apps only and most of size is taken by photos which are regularly cleaned up. You want to buy me a new “larger capacity” phone - go ahead! But you don’t tell me what to do

What unspoken rules are you talking about? That’s …not how iOS apps works. Demanding special copies of apps for no reason isn’t going to get you a special copy of an app, iOS apps don’t let you do that. You could have used the legacy version if you didn’t update it.

I’m not telling you to buy a new phone, just making you aware to consider other options so you are able to use this excellent app lol.

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There are tons of apps with legacy versions and they still exist and popular. For example I still use calvetica’s classic version.

And I paid for original Clear that was minimalistic, convenient and small.
I don’t need giant monster with all icons and stuff within. App like that without any icons or music will take inly a few dozen of megabytes when coded in swift with straight hands.
Also when beta-testing Clear it was anounced as Clear 2. Not the replacer of original. If I only knew it will overwrite the first Clear I would’ve made a backup of ipa. But devs didn’t give a chance.


  1. when Clear classic (without support) will be back in store?
  2. will all the icons be deleted from distrib unless requested upon and then downloaded as NORMAL apps do. IOS included.

Notvetika, later renamed Calvetica Classic was a result of the devs significantly changing how Calvetica originally looked. That’s not the case with Clear iOS that has the same team and design language from the original Clear iOS app FWIW.

Anyway since you don’t know about this, it’s an iOS limitation that all store’s collectibles (that clear relies on for support) need to be bundled with the app bundle, because Apple paranoid.

But last I heard they are working on a system where collectibles download from their S3 server only when you need them, which if it works won’t be a problem for you anymore.

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Let’s imagine that Apple is really that paranoid and collectibles mus be bundled… but
a) there are ways of png compression that makes pngs very small (I used to use it when making watchfaces that are sensitive to the size)
b) there are no limitations for having both versions of Clear in app sotre. Dev may just upload classic version and that’s it - no support no other stuff - just upload and release it for those who want

I like the new Clear (I even purchased a bunch of themes from the store), but I no longer use it…

I am aware there will be an update one of these days to move things for customization into the Archive, but I am curious if it would be possible to actually delete icons/themes/sound packs/fonts/list libraries/etc. that I will probably never use or desire to use.

I prefer to keep things Minimal.

I’m not bothered with the size of the app.

There’s just too much going on that I’d like out of sight/delete.

Well, I have got an idea!
What if you make Clear 2 lite? Same Clear but without any inapps? Whith just one theme (heatmap), one sound pack and one icon?

It’s been mentioned numerous times that won’t be happening. It takes extra time and resources to maintain two builds, and the new app is still In early stages which needs focus to get right while they do finite to work on adding awesome new features and collectibles.


This binary size issue has been really bothering me. It would be one thing if we were just going to be kind of heavy and stay there, but it feels like it’s crossing a line that it will just keep growing over time.

We were profiling it the other day and it is indeed the app icons. (Apple requires those images to be bundled into the app so we can’t download them on demand.)

Basically when we send the binary with an image for each app icon in the app, Apple is then taking those images, generating like the 76 other sizes iOS uses in various places and rebundling them in, and this is adding something like 400mb now! I didn’t quite have this internalized at launch but I agree this is a serious issue we need to fix.

At the least I do think we will need to pivot away from the icons that are built into each theme. (The “match theme” app icon option.)

Our best idea right now is having that option do a best match between a more limited set of different colored icons, and this would probably immediately reduce the binary by like 300MB+.