Widget won’t update and can’t be edited

Hi, I’m using the latest version in the App Store and the widget on my home screen is stuck. It doesn’t update after I clear items on the selected list. If I try to edit the widget and change the list, instead of the list of lists, I get “loading…” and then nothing. Is anyone else having this issue?


If I remove and re-add the widget, it’s a blank white square and no list can be selected. It’s “loading…” then nothing. I can solve the issue by restarting the phone but it’s not ideal. I have a 13 pro max that isn’t THAT long in the tooth?

Mine is a white box but otherwise works as it should :man_shrugging:t2:

It happened to me once, when I had first added an widget, and I restarted my phone (15 pro max). It hasn’t happened again since then

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Hey Kim, can you keep me posted if it gets in this state again after having rebooted device?

@mdtolic also what exactly is going on here? Like are all your widgets just blank?!

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Nope. Just Clear

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Yeah I’ll see if it happens again and let you know if the restart stopped helping. :+1:t2:

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What do you mean by ‘otherwise works as it should’? Does it fix the white state rebooting?

I am still accounting for a possible bug on our end here so curious if there’s some way to reproduce this…

@KimInTime thank you, let me know if you happen to have any theories on what might’ve triggered it if it happens again!

By works like it should I meant that while it was white, when I tapped it, it would launch Clear in the last view I had open. That could have been a list, the shop, my lists, etc. I assumed that was what it was supposed to do. I liked that. However, I just rebooted and it made me pick a list to show and open up to.

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Ah ok, yeah you should be able to check things off now too (tap along left margin). This white widget issue is sporadic but very annoying, I hope it’s something we can figure out and fix!

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