Bug - Widget blank after deleting list

Made a widget, selected a list, later went into clear and deleted the associated list, now widget is blank and cannot change options within- tapping to change list, theme, or rows brings up a loading that quickly disappears without allowing for a change. Deleting and recreating the widget has no effect. Occurs on all sized widgets.

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I can see this happening with the way widgets cache things. Hmmm, will have to think on possible ways we can improve. In the meantime does device reboot work around it? It will probably force refresh.

Rebooting iPhone did the trick, cleared the deleted list and let me choose a fresh one, behaves like normal now.

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Ok thanks for reporting back. It is possible still there’s some bug or we could further fix this, we can look into this if it keeps popping up. The widgets syncing engine is a bit of a black box! It’s based on this ‘intents’ system which is kind of all about not being able to guarantee refreshes on demand etc. I guess to save battery etc.

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